5 Bridal Necklaces to Buy

Bridal necklaces are an integral part of every woman’s wedding ceremony. Whether you prefer traditional pieces displaying a riot of colors and old-world sophistication or the ones that blend traditional with contemporary effortlessly, you just can’t ignore necklaces. From your Haldi and Sangeet ceremony to your D-Day, you can choose from an extensive range of bridal necklaces to put your best foot forward. If you aren’t sure which pieces to choose or need some help with your bridal necklace planning, here are five choices that are worth investing in.

Rani Haar

Rani means “queen”. Thus, this long necklace, which was once a favorite among the royalty, is worth buying if you want to sport a regal look. Typically, a Rani Haar is crafted with generous use of kundan and several other precious and semiprecious gemstones, such as emeralds, uncut diamonds, rubies, etc. Some of these bridal necklaces made of gold could have bunches of small pearls at their fringes, while others may have an unmatched visual appeal with their elaborate work of minakari or enameling. You can don a solitary Rani Haar as a statement piece or pair it with a choker.


This is a close-fitting neckpiece that usually measures 14 to 16 inches in length. It sits high on your neck and circles around your throat. A choker could either consist of a solitary band that sits around your neck or include several layers of pearl drops or gems beads looped from it. This bridal necklace is ideal for low- or deep-cut necklines and goes well with even your off-shoulder or strapless dresses. From the wide band choker and Jadvi Lachha choker to gold and pearl choker, emerald choker, Persian choker, and more, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from. For instance, if you want to show off the royal charm, you can opt for Jadvi Lachha choker, which was a favorite of Hyderabad’s Nizams. This necklace has seven layers of gold sheets that sport pearls on the top and emerald or ruby drops at the bottom. Sometimes, gold sheets may be replaced by kundan polka pieces.


Thismajestic bridal necklace is a specialty of Hyderabad’s Nizams. It has seven layers of gems or pearls, attached or woven with sophisticated filigree work on gold. As a bride, you can sport the Satlada to let its seven layers cover you from neck to navel. Brides may even sport its smaller versions, namely the Teenlada (that has 3 layers) or Panchlada (with 5 layers). Be it a diamond Satlada or a Satlada with pearls, you’re sure to look ethereal in your wedding finery with this necklace. This neckpiece pairs the best with sweetheart, scoop, or low necklines. You may even add some drama to your otherwise boring square necklines with the Satlada.


As suggested by the name of this colorful necklace, it consists of nine different precious and semi-precious stones and gems. These are diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, yellow sapphire, cat’s eye, red coral, hessonite, and blue sapphire. It would be best to pair a monotone outfit with this colorful necklace. Lighter colors that are well complemented by a Navratan necklace are beige, grey, peach, and light purple. However, if you prefer a brighter shade, orange or pink too could go well with this magnificent bridal necklace adorned by nine different colored gemstones.

Aadh Necklace

The Aadh is a traditional Rajasthani necklace that begins with a choker and ends with strings of triangles, thus covering almost the entire neckline area. The choker segment of this bridal necklace usually includes a block of gold with beautiful meenakari or enameling work at the back. Be it Aadh necklaces sporting white studs and black micro-pearls or those having polki work and outlined with tiny pearls and beads, you’ll have a lot of options to take your pick from. It’s best to pair this regal necklace with a low-cut square neckline. Else, it may look too cluttered. Since the Aadh is a traditional bridal necklace, it would be wise to keep your other bridal accessories somewhat traditional to go well with it.

Final words

Now that you know about these bridal necklaces, pick one or more of these magnificent pieces to accentuate your look on your special day and turn heads your way. You can browse our extensive range of bridal necklaces at nanditashekhawat.com to find a few pieces that you’ll love to don yourself or gift to your loved ones.

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