7 Must-Have Traditional Rajasthani Jewelry Pieces for a Bride

Many people think of Rajasthan as one of the most beautiful Indian states that are colorful, musical, and vibrant. But did you know that traditional Rajasthani jewelry also occupies a significant part of the Rajasthani culture? Being extremely royal and rich in appeal, they’ve been a staple in the “Land of Kings”. Here, we’re presenting seven traditional Rajasthani jewelry pieces that are simply essentials for any bride.

Kanthi or Aadh necklace

One of the most glamorous and popular styles of Rajasthani jewelry, Kanthi is a rectangular- or square-shaped choker. This traditional choker is crafted with gold and comes with embellishments like kundan and polka. If you want to fill your overall appeal with royal charm and oomph, it’s really hard to beat the glamour of the Aadh.


The most popular form of maang tikka, Borla is made of gold and appears bell-like or spherical. Studded with pearls, kundans, and meena, Borla (also called Rakhdi) contains a single chain, which is placed in the center of the head of the bride. By sitting on the forehead, it signifies the third eye that promotes the holy union of marriage.


If you want to exude an antique, rich, and royal look on your D-Day, Surliya should feature in your must-have list of traditional Rajasthani pieces of jewelry. Stunningly designed with detailed meenakari or kundan work, it’ll up your fashion game along with a touch of tradition. The unique designs of this kaanbali bring in sheer elegance that perfectly mixes the magnificence of ancient Indian and Mughal jewelry.


A popular piece of traditional Rajasthani jewelry with rich symbolic meaning, the Nath is essential to give the bride a complete look while adding a hint of elegance. Brides usually wear it on the left nostril and connect it to the left ear using a pearl chain or gold chain to keep it in place. A typical Nath comes as a richly decorated gold nose ring embellished with beads or other precious stones. You’ve surely seen Deepika Padukone flaunting the Nath in Bajirao Mastani and Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar. Weren’t they looking stunning and gracious?


Appearing in a set of two, Bangadi is a round-shaped bangle that has a thick lining along with a small round gold projection covering the whole piece, which increases its diameter. The gold protrusions are made to look like a round ball. Bangadi generally doesn’t come with a clasp as that would make it look like a Kada instead of a Bangadi bangle. Usually, unmarried Rajasthani women don’t wear a Bangadi as it is traditionally worn only by married women.


Another must-have, immaculately designed piece of traditional Rajasthani jewelry, Haathphool comes with a bracelet and finger rings. The entire piece beautifies the wrist along with the back of the palm. The finger rings are fixated to multiple strings of gold to connect them together from the above portion of the fingers, which forms a flower that’s tied to the bracelet using another chain. Often made of gold, meenakari, kundan, or jadau work, Haathphool adds priceless elegance to the bride’s wedding look.


When it comes to must-have traditional Rajasthani jewelry, no list can be completed without having a mention of the anklet with intricate designs. Generally made of silver, the heaviest anklets are worn by Rajasthani women. According to common belief, one shouldn’t wear gold on the feet as it seems to be inauspicious. Therefore, it’s common among Rajasthani brides to wear Anklets that are either gold-plated or come with kundan or meenakari work.

As you can see, every bejeweled piece of traditional Rajasthani jewelry exudes a majestic and elegant feeling to take the look of the bride to the next level.

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