Essential Things You Need To Know About Traditional Rajasthani Polki Jewellery

Are you planning to buy the famous traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery for your wedding? If yes, here’s a short, informative post on the essentials of this bridal jewellery that was once worn by Indian regal women. Polki jewellery appears with a long history and is frequently considered synonymous with regality because of its class, splendour, and luxury.

What is traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery?

Polki jewellery combines diamonds with precious stones, which ultimately turns out to be a standout product that has the potential of making you look like a royal princess on your big day. Polki refers to a diamond in its purest form, meaning it remains unfaceted, uncut, and unpolished. It doesn’t undergo any physical or chemical treatment and is generally cut to follow the actual structure of the accompanying stone. Creating a piece of traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery requires a huge amount of meticulous skill and handiwork, and it often takes several weeks or sometimes months. While the origin of this bridal jewellery dates back to the Mughal era, the highly skilled artisans of Rajasthan have been taking the legacy further.

Reasons behind the huge popularity of this bridal jewellery

Polki jewellery has successfully established a strong association with the Indian culture, and today, it’s considered a source of happiness for brides, which they can effortlessly pair with other beautiful embellishments on bridal clothing.

Colourful design is one of the key attractions of this bridal jewellery. Meenakari work or multi-hued enamel is typically used to enhance uncut diamonds. Additionally, gemstones or south sea pearls are juxtaposed with them to add a bit of colour. Versatility is another factor that draws the attention of modern brides to the traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery. These days, many jewellers create reversible and detachable pieces of Polki jewellery that girls and women can wear in various ways for different occasions other than the big day. Finally, many jewellers focus on creating lightweight pieces of Polki jewellery that carry a minimalist look but still make the wearer look standout, which is the trend these days.

Things to consider when buying traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery

While the price of traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery varies significantly depending on the materials, design, jewellers, and other factors, it’s typically a sizeable investment. So, it pays to keep some important factors in mind when buying this bridal jewellery.

First, be sure to buy from a reputable jeweller that has good experience dealing with Polki jewellery and prioritizes quality and authenticity over everything else. You should also prioritize quality over quantity. It may be a wise decision to buy Polki jewellery with top-quality modest-sized stones instead of a piece that comes with standard-quality big stones. Second, if you want to wear Polki jewellery for different occasions, go for versatile pieces. Some jewellers offer customized pieces of traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery. If you’re taking this route, see how you can incorporate multi-purpose, detachable, or reversible elements into the jewellery. Finally, you should buy the pieces of this bridal jewellery that’ll complement your personality, not the ones that are in trend. Whether you want to put on a minimalist look or a showy display, the design has to match your personality and style.

Tips to care for traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery

Unlike other pieces of gold or diamond jewellery, you need to follow some special tips when it comes to caring for pieces of traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery so that they can shine for a prolonged period of time.

First, ensure that sprays such as perfumes, air fresheners, etc. don’t come in contact with this bridal jewellery as they’ll damage its shine. Second, avoid keeping it in new jewellery boxes when storing. This is because the chemical used in the glue can damage your jewellery. Third, don’t use cosmetics after putting on traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery. Put it on only once you’re done with your makeup and after you’ve sprayed the perfume. Never use any spray, chemical, or water to clean your Polki jewellery. Instead, use a suede cloth or a cotton cloth to clean it. If you think it’s beyond your capacity, simply take your traditional Rajasthani Polki jewellery to a reputable jeweller as it has experienced professionals who can do it the right way.

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