Top 5 tips to care for your valuable earrings

Be it a pair of diamond studs, dangling silver earrings, or traditional jhumkas and chandbalis with intricate designs, a woman just can’t do without enough earrings. And it’s never about having a piece or two. You must have multiple pieces of beautiful and precious earrings to ensure you have something or the other to wear – irrespective of whether you’re going to your workplace, attending a party, or dressing up for a special occasion. But your job isn’t finished after you have bought and stored a few pairs of precious and semi-precious earrings. Unless you take proper care of them and focus on their maintenance, you may not be able to wear them for long. You surely don’t want that to happen, right?

To help you ensure your valuable earrings keep serving you for long, here are the top five tips that you can make good use of:

Keep your earrings clean and dry

This is a way to ensure your valuable pieces of jewelry remain tarnish-free. You should remember to take off your earrings before you go for a bath, a swim, or a workout session. And when you take your earrings off at the end of the day, you should use a piece of felt cloth or clean cotton to wipe them down to remove any oils and residue that may have stuck to them throughout the day. Else, they’ll get dirty, lose their shine, and may even give you an infection!

Don’t let them come in contact with chemicals

Your earrings are typically made of metals or alloys and use stones, platings, and other elements that can get damaged when exposed to chemicals. If you aren’t careful, your valuable jewelry can come in contact with sunscreens, perfumes, lotions, makeup products, cleaning products, etc. which have harsh chemicals in them that can tarnish and damage your earrings. That’s why it’s important to remove your earrings before applying beauty products like sunscreens, perfumes, or going for a swim in chlorinated water.

Avoid exposure to light and heat

It’s advisable to remove your earrings if you plan to spend a long time outdoors in the sun because sun rays can harm your precious belongings. For instance, if your earrings have gemstones like topaz, amethyst, kunzite, they can fade or get damaged when exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Other gems like amber too can get darkened over time if you continually expose them to too much light. Excessive heat and sudden changes in the temperature may also trigger fractures in some gemstones. For example, pearls may get cracked, discolored, or dried out because excessive heat can dry the natural moisture residing in these gemstones.

Store them the right way

Keeping all your earrings mixed together in a big tray or bowl isn’t a great idea. They’ll get entangled with each other, making it difficult to find a pair. But more importantly, they may get scratched, damaged, or broken. Thus, it becomes important to store each pair of earrings the right way, preferably in their own jewelry boxes or pouches that the jeweler gave you when you bought these pieces. If you have lost them, you can store them in separate boxes with a soft fabric or velvet lining. You just need to make sure the box is airtight and suitable for the size of your earrings.

Clean your earrings the right way

Most earrings can be cleaned by wiping them off with a cotton bud or piece of cotton cloth dipped in warm water to which a few drops of dishwashing soap has been added. You could even use a soft-bristled toothbrush to loosen the dirt and grime gently from your earrings to clean them well. Once you’ve finished this, you’ll just need to air-dry the earrings before storing them away. For gold earrings, soaking the pieces for 10 minutes in a bowl of lukewarm water and dishwashing soap could help loosen any build-up of grime and dirt. However, it’s best to ensure you’re using the correct cleaning method for your earrings by consulting your jeweler or a professional. Else, you may end up doing more harm than good to your valuable pieces. In case you aren’t sure about how to clean your earrings, it’s best to get the job done by a professional.

Precious and semi-precious earrings are typically an investment for many people. Such pieces often have a great sentimental value attached to them and could be heirlooms that are passed down from one generation to the next. This makes it crucial to take care of your valuable earrings to make sure they look their best in the long run. And using the tips shared above, you can take care of your valuable earrings with full confidence and continue to sport them for years to come.


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