Top 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Whether we have purchased it recently or inherited it from a family member, jewelry is something that all of us want to take care of so that we can wear it forever. The truth is all jewelry needs some attention and care to maintain their sparkling beauty. If you’re unsure where to begin with, follow these five top tips that would help keep your jewelry looking at their best.

Keep them away from light and heat

As the detrimental rays of the sun can damage our skin, extreme exposure to light and heat can adversely impact the color and durability of a colored gemstone. In the long run, some gemstones such as topaz, kunzite, amethyst, etc. can get damaged or faded. Also, pearls and other fine materials like ivory may start to bleach under excessive exposure to light. In the same situation, other gems, particularly amber may darken over time.

Keep them away from chemicals

Metals such as gold, silver, and other plated metals can get discolored or damaged with exposure to chemicals. Even substances that we regularly use such as perfume, lotion, hairspray, and other cosmetics may contain chemicals that can permanently damage the outer surface of pearls and other fine gems. It’d also be advisable to remove your fine jewelry before you start using household cleaners or jump into a chlorinated pool. This is because sometimes these cleaners have ammonia as one of their components that may be very detrimental for fine gems and chlorine too can discolor and damage your fine jewelry.

Sort and store them well

The level of hardness differs from one gemstone to another and thus, if you store them together, they can easily get scratched. Therefore, sort them properly and use soft-lined compartments to keep your jewelry. Also, if they come with fastenings, remember to close them to protect your jewelry from getting tangled. It’s always a good idea to keep the actual packaging and boxes that came with your jewelry as those are probably the best options to safeguard jewelry from damage and dust. Try to use airtight bags to store your jewelry to minimize oxidization. Use acid-free cotton or tissue to wrap gold, silver, and other precious and semi-precious materials to prevent moisture and dust. Finally, pearls should be handled with extra care because they’re soft and relatively more prone to scratches.

General cleaning tips

When jewelry is regularly worn, it gets exposed to perspiration, skin oils, makeup, dust, among others. Therefore, these jewelry need to be cleaned as and when required to maintain their shine. Here’re some general cleaning tips you should follow.

  • Clean your jewelry using a solution of 2-part dish soap and 10-parts warm water.
  • Soak them thoroughly and then gently scrub them using a very soft brush.
  • A jewelry polishing cloth can be used if you want them to be extra shiny. Try not to use a tissue or paper towel because those can get your jewelry scratched.

You must not use any harsh cleaning method like using baking soda or toothpaste as it’ll remove small amounts of metal each time and ultimately deplete and damage your jewelry.

Tips to wear them the right way

Jewelry should last for many years providing you wear them correctly. For instance, gold, being a soft metal, is susceptible to dents, scratches, etc. So, you need to be careful when wearing gold jewelry and remove them before you get into any high-contact activity. Also, you should take off jewelry before bathing because it may result in a buildup of soap on them, which will lead to the development of a film.

While the above-mentioned tips are extremely useful methods to take care of your jewelry, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of seeking professional advice. Remember that some jewelry are particularly delicate and need a specialist’s touch to maintain their shine and elegance. Also, there may be damages in your jewelry that can only be noticed by a professional.

If you’re looking to have your jewelry professionally cleaned or wanting to schedule an inspection contact us right away and we’ll be happy to help.

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